To: Aaron Loper, AES

RE: KDOT Project 169 Hwy Miami & Franklin Counties

Advanced Erosion Solutions was the erosion control sub-contractor on this project. AES was very good to work with on this project lasting approximately18 months. They always arrived on the project within specification time constraints to address any maintenance issues or corrective actions required either during routine SWPPP inspections or after rain event required inspections. AES’s timely completion of repairs or corrective actions resulted in $0.00 fines ever being levied to the prime contractor, sub-contractors, or KDOT during the life of the project. AES also participated in doing other work on the project like aggregate ditch lining to assist in the completion of the project. AES is very qualified at completing any phase of Erosion Control items from erosion control blankets, aggregate ditch checks to temporary and permanent seeding operations.

Gary Martin,

GBA Consultant Inspector