Erosion Control Erosion control blankets consist of mulch (straw, coconut, wood, plastic) sewn between two nets. The netting and thread sandwich the mulch material together, and the blanket can then be rolled out and pinned to the ground with a variety of fasteners. The soil is prepared and seeded, then blankets are rolled out and pinned in place. Life span of Erosion Blankets can range from 3-12 months (temporary) 12-36 months (long term) or permanent (TRM). 100% biodegradable blankets are also available.

Turf reinforcement mats (TRM) are a permanent blanket that enable vegetation to be used in areas where the forces exerted by water or wind exceed the shear limits of unreinforced vegetation. Typical applications include swales, storm flow zones of channels, stream banks, and extreme slopes. TRM’s are usually made from synthetic fibers, and depending on the product can be used by itself, or filled with soil or hydraulic mulch.

We always trench in our blankets, and install per manufacturers recommendations.