Tyler Miles, Operations Director Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark,

During the final stages of build out for the world’s tallest waterslide, Schlitterbahn enlisted the services of Advanced Erosion Solutions to assist our facility providing final grade establishment and hydroseeding services.

AES was able to respond to our inquiry for a very unique and time sensitive request for a bid with unmatched urgency. After a brief tour of the job site and discussion with AES, we were able to compose a comprehensive plan to put the finishing touches on roughly five acres of disturbed job site and prepare for an international media event day in April, just two short weeks after the job was put to bid.

Setbacks on the project called for the previously manicured ground to once again be disturbed shortly after AES completed their first portion of work on the site. July approached and yet another large media day and grand opening event were scheduled, and once again we called upon AES to help establish a finishing touch on the area surrounding the project, in a very tight time frame.

AES delivered once again and helped Schlitterbahn Kansas City showcase a finished product during an event eventually reached over 12 million viewers in person, on television or through the use of social media. I would gladly recommend AES to anyone looking for a company to assist in erosion control, grading or hydroseeding needs without a doubt. AES is your go to company when it comes to industry leading knowledge, working with clients to find plans to fit any budget or need and delivering top notch customer service from the support staff to the field engineers.



Tyler Miles

Operations Director

Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark

Amy Pope, P.E. Construction Engineer KDOT,

This is in regards to work that Advanced Erosion Solutions, LLC performed on project 7-46 K 7925-05 in Johnson County, KS near the interchange of K-7 highway and Johnson Drive. This project consisted of permanent seeding on a project that was completed earlier this year. AES did a good job with the seeding operations on this project and were very responsive to areas that we thought needed addressed or done in a different manner. We added a significant quantity of erosion mat to the job which AES provided and placed in a timely manner. Overall AES did a good job on this project and we would recommend them for future projects.


Amy Pope, P.E.

Construction Engineer KDOT

Gary Martin, George Butler Associates GBA,

To: Aaron Loper, AES

RE: KDOT Project 169 Hwy Miami & Franklin Counties

Advanced Erosion Solutions was the erosion control sub-contractor on this project. AES was very good to work with on this project lasting approximately18 months. They always arrived on the project within specification time constraints to address any maintenance issues or corrective actions required either during routine SWPPP inspections or after rain event required inspections. AES’s timely completion of repairs or corrective actions resulted in $0.00 fines ever being levied to the prime contractor, sub-contractors, or KDOT during the life of the project. AES also participated in doing other work on the project like aggregate ditch lining to assist in the completion of the project. AES is very qualified at completing any phase of Erosion Control items from erosion control blankets, aggregate ditch checks to temporary and permanent seeding operations.

Gary Martin,

GBA Consultant Inspector


Angela McAtee, Superior Bowen Asphalt Company,

We have worked with Kenny Westberg II since the early 2000’s. Although the company names have changed for both Kenny and our team (we formally worked for Jim Kidwell Construction) the service and relationship remain the same. We know without any doubt that we can always count on them being there at the drop of a hat to complete their scope of work.

There are several competitors in the construction industry for the same work that Advanced Erosion Solutions, LLC does but for us there is no need to even entertain the idea of using anyone else. We would highly recommend Advanced Erosion Solutions for any project.

Angela McAtee

Project Manager

Superior Bowen Sitework Division

Shane Bair, VP Larry Bair Excavating,

For the past five years, Advanced Erosion Solutions has been a subcontractor on all of our jobs. We never even consider another company for erosion control. They are on time, do their job as specified and more. Their billings are accurate and timely and when we need waivers, they are on top of it.

Last year we did 4.8 million in work and they were on every job. We can’t say enough about this company. We recommend them highly.

Shane Bair

Larry Bair Excavating

Scott Neidholdt, APAC Kansas City,

Dear Chris & Aaron:


I am writing this letter as a token of appreciation The new KDOT specifications on erosion control were new to me and the Kansas City Division prior to this project. With your efforts and advisement over the last two years, this project has flowed smoothly.

With proper communication, we have developed a working relationship that has benefitted both AES & APAC. I have received compliments from the on-site inspectors up to the metro engineer about how the erosion control on this site looks, and deemed it necessary to give credit where credit is due.


Thanks again for your part in making this project a success.






Scott Neidholdt

Project Superintendent

APAC Kansas City Division

Terry McCullum, Project Manager for Fortis Networks, Inc,

The service and support we have received from Advanced Erosion Solutions on the Elk City Dike Repair project has been exceptional. The quality of the workmanship has not only met our project needs, but exceeded the expectations of our client, the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Your flexibility and close coordination adjusting to our project needs was instrumental in making the Elk City Dike Repair Project a success.

You have my sincere appreciation for your outstanding service and support. AES will be our go-to contractor for our future erosion control needs.

Cheryl, Bruce Davis Construction,

We have really enjoyed working with you and your company, Advanced Erosions Solutions. Your team is very reliable and always ready to help us whenever we have asked you to do a job for us. Your prices are very fair. It is so nice to be able to call on you to do a job and you respond quickly and professionally. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with your business.

Bob Richards, Rothwell Construction Inc.,

Rothwell Construction Inc. has subcontracted our erosion control work to AES on several projects throughout the Kansas City area. There work and timely response to our needs have made them our subcontractor of choice for all our erosion control needs. They have our highest recommendation.

Joe Martin, BC Hardscapes, LLC,

We have always had a great relationship with AES and value them as our preferred seed contractor. The attention to detail and professionalism stand above all. With the ability to service large acreage projects to small residential yards the service is always top notch. With the most impressive response to re-seeding for warranty items generally is within a day or two. We greatly appreciate you and the company and look forward to working with you this coming season. Good Luck & Gods Speed!!

Eric Seeley, VP of Audrie Seeley & Company, LLC,

Over the last several years we have relied heavily on AES to provide us with our seeding needs. They have done projects as large as 10 acres for us, and some as small as 100sf. All of which are done exceptionally well. In our 25years of business we will from time to time step outside our “comfort zone” and give a new contractor a shot at our seeding work….usually with poor results. I can honestly say that I have no desire to have any other Seed Contractor perform our work other than AES. They always meet their deadlines, and if there ever is a problem they make it right. I have known Kenny for over 10 years and he has been a vital part of our success as a company. I am never afraid to bring him on board as a partner on any of the jobs we are awarded. He makes us look better, as both he and AES are professionals of the highest caliber.

Billy Clarkson, Clarkson Construction Company,

My working experience with AES has been very positive. AES has always been able to meet our project expectations no matter how demanding the schedule. We very much appreciate all of their hard work and will look forward to working with AES into the future.

Jerod Kelley, P.E. Lawrence Construction Engineer KDOT,

It was evident with the performance of Advance Erosion Solutions, Inc on our US-59 project, that AES is the best erosion control contractor I have worked with in my career. I appreciated the desire to execute the contract (seeding, installation of BMP’s, etc.) right the first time and have a sense of pride doing so. The 85,000 sqyd of erosion blanket AES installed is already a success. A clear stand of vegetation is growing in all the mats and we will be able to release our NOI permit early this summer, which without your performance would have been a pipe dream.

Colin Douthit, Clarkson Construction Company,

AES had been dedicated to helping us meet all or our erosion control needs. They have made great efforts to help us meet important deadlines through challenging circumstances. They have made an unpleasant part of project into a good experience. They have been great helps to me on both phases of the KDOT project at K7 & I-70 I have worked with them on.