New lawn establishment


Note: Please wait 24 hours after seeding to begin watering.

Watering is the most important factor in establishing a new lawn.  Newly seeded lawns that are watered regularly germinate more quickly, establish more densely, and crowd out potential weeds more effectively than non-watered lawns.  Without frequent watering, the new seed will not germinate as quickly or as uniformly, allowing weeds and/or old grasses to potentially re-establish themselves in the lawn.  Please remember, watering your new lawn is as important as the money spent to have the hydroseeding done.  Watering is the responsibility of the property owner.


Watering should be performed two to four times daily depending on how quickly the area dries.  The main function of the mulch used in the hydroseeding is to protect the seeds and keep them moist while germination and growth take place.  It is essential to make sure that your watering schedule does not allow the mulch to dry out completely.  Use of an automated sprinkler system is highly recommended.  Please wait 24 hours after hydroseeding before you begin watering.  This will allow the tackifier in the mulch to set and protect the mulch layer from erosion.  Use the next couple days to fine-tune your timer, setting the cycles for a duration that will keep the area moist but not saturated.



A germinating seed does not have roots yet; therefore, there is no need to water heavily at first.  If the water puddles and does not drain in a short time, the seed can be damaged and fungus can grow.  The seed needs cycles of water and air to germinate and grow properly.  Check the mulch before the sprinklers come on to ensure that it is still moist, and adjust duration if necessary.  There are several factors that determine how quickly an area dries, including soil density and composition, slope, amount of direct sunlight, temperature, and humidity.  When the mulch dries, it will usually dry from the top down, so the appearance can be deceiving.  If needed, you can peel back a couple inches of mulch in an area of question, and see if it is moist under the surface.  Keep it moist, but not saturated.



Schedule the sprinklers’ first cycle to begin early in the morning.  Set the other cycles at regular intervals with the last cycle ending well before sundown.  Depending on the weather and the time of year, you may need to supplement your sprinklers with hand watering to keep the area from drying out.  You may also need to adjust them occasionally as the weather changes during the first month as this is the critical period of germination and initial growth.  Monitor this carefully as the health of your lawn is at stake.  After the first three or four weeks, you can begin to lower the frequency and increase the duration.  After a couple months when the lawn is well established, water it thoroughly one or two times a day to encourage deep root growth.



When we hydroseeded your property, we used high-quality materials in the correct amounts for a beautiful, healthy lawn.  Now your care and diligence are needed for this lawn to grow and thrive.  Our goal is for you to enjoy your lawn and be pleased with our service.  If you have any questions about these instructions, please call us at 913-390-8000.  Thank you for choosing Advanced Erosion Solutions.